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CTU boosts students’ international experience to bridge future multinational career path

  • Instructor Irene Lee

CTU boosts students’ international experience to bridge future multinational career path


In order to strengthen students’ global mobility, Chienkuo Technology University introduced external resources such as international internships, cultural experiences and lectures in cooperation with classes to help local and foreign students know more about exotic cultures and enhance their global mobility through cultural exchanges.

Global mobility is a crucial ability to international competitiveness. Regarding that goal, the cultivation of three important abilities, that is, profession, language and adaptability allows no delay. To help students catch up with the flow of international human resource competition, College of Engineering (IEET) and College of Design (DAC) had striven for international education certifications many years ago and encouraged students to obtain international certificates, improve their foreign languages abilities and sharpen professional English skills. In recent years, CTU has sent over hundreds of outstanding students abroad to become business interns, such as Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Canada, the U.S., Thailand and China.

Among them, Japan is the most popular and best performance country for business intern. There were 17 students participating in the program in 2018. There are 10 students who have been approved since 2019, and will depart in July. Apart from that, there are 20 students who are going to study dual degree in Komatsu University, Okayama Shoka University, Nagasaki International University and Nippon Sport Science University
"Culture" is fundamental to cultivate global mobility. CTU builds a solid platform for students to connect the world and broaden their international horizon. Recently the school of CTU continually invites foreign professionals for lectures and speeches. For example, Department of Digital Media Design invited Japanese animators Kaori Asai (The Kindaichi Case Files), Kimiharu Obata (Detective Conan, Doraemon) in 2018. In addition, Myanmar national treasure, Artist U Lun Gywe, was sincerely invited over by Museum of CTU to exhibit his exotic artworks in 2019.

Furthermore, CTU attracts several foreign students every year, including Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macao. In 2018 academic year in total there were 560 students coming over. Besides, the school promotes various programs such as Scholarships for Excellent Students to Study Abroad, Hardships for Students to Study Abroad and Pilot Overseas Internships to sponsor students to study and be internship overseas. Therefore, students can not only have multiple ways to go abroad, they can also apply for different scholarships and interns. With cultivation of international education at home and foreign experience abroad, students will have experienced global mobility when they graduate, and they will successfully connect themselves to multinational career path.

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